Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 2016: Guide & Reviews

best fast pitch softball bats

If you love softball and you want to find equipment which allows you to play the game as well as possible, you’ll surely benefit from our guide. We’re going to talk about what these types of bats are, discuss how to find the best fastpitch softball bats and explain the difference between various designs.

By giving you tons of hard facts, we’ll make it possible for you to choose the perfect product for practices and games. These may be used by both genders and they are designed to help players hit fast pitches with greater ease.

Best Fastpitch Softball Bats of 2016 – Quick Comparison Table

Top Rated Fast Pitch Softball Bats Brief Reviews

Are you looking for the best fastpitch softball bats but not sure which one to choose? We’ve compiled a list of Top 5 Products on the market right now that you simply can’t go wrong with:

Louisville Slugger LXT PLUS 10

Luisville slugger

Simply, a top notch bat that will never disappoint you.

TRU3 three-piece construction greatly reduces vibration and sting which results in improved performance. It’s made from Performance Plus composite making it extremely light and durable. In addition it does not require breaking-in at all!

Approved by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF.

  • Best Features: high quality, lightweight, pop, great balance and comfort


easton mako torq

Looking for massive sweet spot and extreme speed? This one is for you.

It uses TCT Thermo Composite Technology which results in unmatched swing speed, large sweet spot and great feel. In addition, CXN Zero technology makes it well-balan

ced and works wonders with vibration reduction.

Approved for Play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.

  • Best Features: great speed, perfectly balanced, high quality

Wilson Demarini 2016 CF8 White/Electric Blue/Bright Pink, 30″/19 oz

demarini cf8

If you need the lightest swing weight then CF8 is the way to go.
Thanks to new DeMarini’s Paradox Plus+ Composite material you get increased strength, extreme speed and softer feel on impact. Moreover, CF8 features new D-Fusion 2.0 handle technology which makes sure the least amount of vibration is received.

Approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.

  • Best Features: swing weight, high quality, grip

Easton 2015 FP15MK10 MAKO CXN ZERO -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat, 32-Inch/22-Ounce

easton mako cheap

Medium-priced bat on our list offering good quality for the money you pay.

This one uses 2-piece composite speed design which results in quite decent swing speed. In addition, you get thin handle with performance diamond grip making it a really comfortable product.


  • Best Features: price, decent quality, grip.

Easton SK50B-30

easton sk50 very cheap affordable

Cheapest one on our list, and probably the best in its price range.

Even though it is not as good as models mentioned above it still makes a good choice in low-price range. It’s quite durable and offers decent grip and great graphics.

  • Best Features: price, graphics

What are Fast Pitch Softball Bats?

They are sometimes referred to as “girls’ softball bats” and they are used in Fastpitch Leagues or for non-league play. They have particular characteristics which make them appropriate for these types of games. In other words, they make it easier to hit pitches which come across the plate fast (in contrast to the slower pit


It’s best to look a

t league regulations before choosing a bat, in order to make sure than a particular style is approved for your league. Products which are approved will be stamped with the certification stamps of governing bodies.

Main Characteristics

They have barrels which measure two-and-a-quarter inches in diameter and they feature length-to-weight ratios which range from -8 to -13. Designed mostly for females, they are used by many different age groups. Typically, girls who use these bats will be over five years of age and may be used until college and afterwards.

They are made from different materials – it’s possible to access bats made from aluminum and oness which are crafted from composite. There are also bats which are m

ade from half-aluminum and half-composite. Some leagues don’t permit the usage of those. For example, they won’t be appropriate for slow-pitch league play.

Things to Consider When Buying

best bats for 12u girls fastpitch softballFirst off, you’ll need to think about lengths and weights. It’s all about finding a bat which is an ideal fit for your body. Most online suppliers will post sizing charts on their websites, so it will be easy to pick the size that is right for your body.

In general, they range in length from

twenty-six to thirty-two inches (youth styles) and thirty to thirty-four inches (high school/college styles). They also have drop weights which indicate length-to-weight ratios.

In terms of features, you may also want to consider what the grips are made from. Some grips are quite cushioned and others are a bit thinner. It may be possible to replace a grip if it’s not what you want. A lot of people do modify their bats in this manner.

How to Choose Fastpitch Softball Bats

You can choose from a lot of different

manufacturers. There are great manufacturers which are very well-known and you probably know a lot of these manufacturers already. For example, Easton and Louisville Slugger are famous brands which craft high-quality products of this type. However, there are plenty of other companies that also make good equipment.

Brand is definitely something that you should consider when you’re shopping around for a bat. You may look up the history of different brands by visiting their official websites. As well, you may utilize reviews in order to find out what real-life players have to say about the bats made by particular manufacturers.

In addition to finding a good brand with a strong and positive reputation, you should consider sizing, as well as features. Sizing is dependent on your body size, age and height – use sizing guides in order to find a bat which is a perfect match for you. In terms of features, you’ll need to decide between aluminum, composite and half-and-half.

Lastly, you will need to think about price.

How much can you afford to spend? Prices vary widely, so there’s really something for everyone. Basic models may not have the extra features of high-end models, so you’ll need to decide how much performance and style you’re willing to pay for.

Softball League Requirements

demarini softball fastpitch batsThese bats will need to have barrels which measure two-and-a-quarter inches and they shouldn’t exceed thirty-four inches in length. As well, they shouldn’t weigh more than th

irty-one-and-a-half ounces. These guidelines apply regardless of which league is selected by a player. Now, let’s talk about specific leagues and their particular requirements.


Fast pitch softball bats must have the dimensions that we listed in the general “softball league requirements” section posted above. In addition, they must feature ASA Certified 2004 stamps. Then they should be able to perform in terms of working well against pitched balls which travel at a speed of ninety-eight miles per hour or thereabouts.

Bats should be crafted from aluminum or other forms of metal. Fiberglass, composite or graphite will be acceptable, and so will wood, as long as measurements are correct a

nd they are stamped with the ASA stamp. They may be crafted from one piece of material or more than one piece of material.


In order to be approved for USSSA gameplay, fast-pitch bats should not have performance factor of more than 1.20. A variety of materials are considered fine for this league, including aluminum, graphite, fiberglass and composite. Wood is also acceptable. They may be crafted from one piece or more than one piece of material.


We’ve just talked about some approved materials for ASA and ASSA. Since composite and aluminum are the most popular choices, you’ll find that discovering how they compa

re is useful in terms of being able to select the right bat for your needs.

Composite bats have become more popular lately. Their design and construction has evolved and they are now stronger competition for aluminum ones. They are crafted from carbon fiber/composite materials and they are quite rugged, which means that they are long-lasting. However, in the early days of composite bats, they didn’t perform as well as aluminum. These days, composites do perform very well.

In fact, some of them have begun to out-perform aluminum counterparts.

Aluminum bats are still excellent choices. They perform well, although they may get dented. Most players are able to continue using dented ones though. These bats may also be known as alloy bats and they definitely help players to get some big hits.

Of course, aluminum and composite aren’t the only choices. Wood bats are also available and they are definitely traditional and classic choices. They look great and they perform well. However, they can splinter and break. If you buy wood, you’ll probably need to replace your equipment more often. For some people, it’s worth it. It’s really a personal choice.

Difference Between Slow Pitch and Fast Pitch

Softball is a great game and there are two types of it. They are known as slow-pitch and fast-pitch. Of course, there are plenty of similar features in both games. The primary difference is in how the balls are pitched in each game type. However, there are also a few differences in terms of how other aspects of the game are played.

One issue is how the ball is put into play. Fast-pitch is about quick delivery. It comes in fast and straight over home plate and it’s harder to hit than a slow pitch. Slow-pitch involves throwing the ball in a gentler arc shape – the ball will then drop over the plate.

With fast-pitch, the pitcher is a very important per

son as he or she may throw a ball extremely fast or use ball movements in order to “fake out” batters. There is an art and science to being a great fast-pitch pitcher. It takes a lot of skill and it’s all about throwing pitches which deter hits.

Slow-pitch is the opposite in that the pitching style was designed in order to help people hit pitches. For this reason, defense needs to be on point, as a lot of balls do get hit!

5 Tips for Buyers

We’ve now covered the basics. You know the facts and

some important distinctions between slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball. Let’s wrap things up by sharing 5 tips for buyers.

5.) Research Styles Online – The Internet makes it so easy to compare various bats from different manufacturers.

Bear in mind you should also consider shipping charges and the reputation of the online retailer. This stuff is pretty easy to check out online.

4.) Use Sizing Charts – You’ll need a product which is the right size for your body. Bats usually come in a lot of sizes. If you’re not used to buying them online, looking at sizing charts will help to take the guesswork out of the process. These sizing charts are simple to use and they help customers to find ideal bats for their needs.

3.) Consider Customer Reviews – A great bat will get

great reviews and the best ones will get hundreds or thousands of five-star reviews. Most people go to and check out bats before they buy, because this website features tons of reviews. Avoid bats which get a lot of complaints or have just a couple of reviews (positive or negative). It’s safer to go with a style which earns a lot of accolades from a lot of people.

2.) Think About Your Budget – Basic styles are out there, so it’s possible to find decent bats at a lower price point. However, if you do want high quality, you’ll probably need to spend at least a hundred bucks. Some stylish, high-performance bats cost hundreds of dollars. Price points are all over the place. One option is to do a search by price at an online retailer. It will help you to find the styles that suit your budget quickly.

1.) Choose Your Preferred Bat Material – Choosing one

aluminum bat and one composite will allow you to access a bit of variety. However, if you’re only interested in buying one product, you’ll need to choose a material. In general, aluminum and composite are the best choices. However, it’s a personal thing and people have different swinging styles and preferences which factor into their choices.

Now that you know more about what are best fastpitch softball bats and how to shop for the best, you’ll be ready to move forward and select a perfect one. Hopefully, our guide has made it easier for you to gain a deeper understanding of what these products are and how to find the most practical and functional styles.


Best fastpitch softball bats

We’ve covered everything here. Now, it’s time for you to use the Web in order to shop around for the best fastpitch softball bats. You’ll find some great choices out there, one of which is bound to be just right for you. Whether you spend a little or a lot, you’ll discover that a high-quality equipment helps you to play your best game. While you may need a little time in order to get used to a new bat, the learning curve should be pretty short and your new bat will help you to hit even the quickest pitches.

With this in mind, why not treat yourself to a new softball bat today? It’s one of the keys to becoming the player that you’ve already dreamed of being.

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