Easton SK50B-30 Typhoon Fastpitch

Kids these days are more enthusiastic and anxious to get into a sport of their choice and excel in it. Parents are equally encouraging to their kids by nudging them forward and providing the best possible equipment required for the game. For youngsters interested in softball, the most important accessory for the game is the ubiquitous bat. The present day market is swarming with choices of various bats from different companies which promise a delightful experience at the game. Noticeably so Easton seems to be quite indulgent in this sphere and is constantly tantalising the young busy bodies with its latest offering. Let us check out what Easton SK50B-30 has to offer.

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Features of Easton SK50B-30:

  • A one-piece aluminium bat.
  • Comes in a bottle shaped bat design.
  • Length to weight ratio of -10
  • Possess a barrel diameter of 2.25 inches.
  • A thin handle measuring 31/32 inches.
  • A well balanced swing weight.
  • It has a good cushioned grip.
  • Comes with a concave cap at the forged end.
  • One year warranty provided by manufacturer.


  • It is light-weight and easy to handle.
  • Easton has designed it exclusively keeping in mind the needs of kids who are into softball.
  • Comes with a modest metallic finish.
  • Has a uniquely well polished, anodized look.
  • The length to weight ratio arguably provides possibly the largest barrel for a bat.
  • The handle is well designed to provide a good cushioning when hand-held.
  • The handle‚Äôs cushioned grip provides possibly the best feel and control of the bat.
  • Due to its light-weight the ball can be hit hard for a long distance.
  • The contour design of the bat helps in providing an enhanced performance on the field.
  • The durability of the bat is more due to the presence of a forged end with a concave cap.
  • It appears to be immensely popular with kids.
  • Excellent reviews, positive ratings, testimonials seen online by satisfied customers.
  • Various online portals provide free shipping for this product.
  • The one year warranty is indeed an added attraction for buyers.


  • Comes with no colour options and it is not flashy and colourful to attract more customers.


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