Louisville Slugger Warrior Review

If you are looking for a quality performer bat at a budget price, the 2014 Louisville Slugger Warrior Slow could be your best choice. The bat comes with exceptional aircraft grade aluminum alloy material that gives longer tuned sweet spot for giving farther hitting experience. Since 1884, this American brand has been widely known to be the best manufacturers of high quality sports equipment and owns credit for the official bat of Major League Baseball.


Series Warrior
Construction Aluminum alloy
Barrel length 12 inches
Barrel diameter 2-1/4 inches
Certifications ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF and ISA
Warranty One year manufacturer’s warranty

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The Louisville Warrior Features:

Louisville has designed the Warrior series for serious softball players. This bat is ideal for beginners as well as league players who are on the lookout for some demanding game at an affordable price. This is the longest running series from Louisville Slugger and it holds some amazing features that can be summarized as follows:

  • The bat has a 7050 aluminum alloy construction that gives consistent performance and solid durability.
  • The entire bat flaunts one piece construction which renders it stiff and sturdy.
  • Warrior holds an end cap that is incorporated for dampening the vibration which adds comfort to the player.
  • The end cap will lock the strength in the barrel to bring the explosive energy up on contacting the ball, offering an incredible pop and good rebounding off the bat.
  • It holds a 7/8 inch handle wrapped with synthetic leather to give adequate grip and comfort for easy swing and better control.
  • This bat has a (minus9) -9 length to weight ratio and makes a wonderful senior league bat.
  • It has 2-1/4 inch barrel diameter with 12 inch barrel design to give highest hitting potential.
  • The bat is 34 inches long and weighs 26 ounces.
  • It is approved by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF and ISA.
  • This product is ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars among Amazon customers.
  • The 2014 Warrior is backed by one year manufacturer’s warranty.
Pros Cons
·       7050 alloy construction

·       Best experience entry level bat

·       Affordable, quality performer

·       One piece construction

·       Looks and feels great

·       Highly durable

·       Great grip and balance

·       Easy to control

·       Offers a good pop

·       Good rebound

·       Great value for money

·       Approved by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF and ISA

·       Got a smaller sweet spot



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