History of Softball – Learn How It All Started!

History of SoftballSoftball is a sport invented in the United States. With striking similarities to baseball, it shares a linked past, owing its origin to the other sport. Below is a brief history covering some of the major points regarding the history of softball.

History of Softball – The Earliest Game On Record

129 years ago, the earliest known game on record was played on Thanksgiving Day in Chicago Illinois. While waiting to hear about the outcome of the Yale University and Harvard university Football games, Individuals in the Farragut Boat Club stumbled upon it in an odd way. A person had thrown a boxing glove at another person who swung at it with a stick. Played entirely indoors and consisting of nothing more than equipment found around the room, the first game of softball was played.

During that game, the future inventor credited with creating the sport (George Hancock) was noted to yell ‘Play Ball’ when that first game began. Quickly setting rules for the game, the first rules for the game were published in 1889. Over the next 2 decades, the game grew in popularity around the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada. From there, it would expand through organizations and clubs throughout first North America, and then later on the rest of the world.

The Origin Of The Word ‘Softball’

For the longest time, the sport known eventually as softball did not have a single name. Rather, it was referred to by many different names, including Indoor Baseball, Diamond Ball, Pumpkin Ball, and Kitten Ball. By 1930, people coalesced around the single name Softball to describe the sport. In 1934, the Joint Rules Committee on Softball helped to regulate the rules around the world, providing the first standard for the sport in its history.

A Greater Inclusion

In 1953, the first woman’s softball league was established in 1953. Taking off in popularity, leagues began appearing around the United States, Canada, and Europe quickly after that. This grew in popularity until 1991, when woman’s fast pitching softball was selected to appear in the Summer Olympics of 1996. Since then, it has only grown in popularity locally and abroad. The two most commonly played versions of this game include fast pitch and slow pitch. Both have their own rules and regulations regarding play.

A Legacy That Continues To This Day

Game continues to grow and expand on its own. Long ago separating from its roots in baseball and the small gathering room at the Farragut Boat Club, it has emerged as its own unique sport. Now it’s played in schools and leagues across the United States and other countries. There are countless opportunities to play the sport yourself if you are interested, regardless of your age or gender. The sport itself requires a great deal of teamwork, planning, and optimizing people’s positions based on their skill. Working under the direction of a coach and team captain, it is a great way to bring everyone together under a single fun sport. Hope our article provides you all the information on history of softball you need!

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