Softball Hitting Tips

Softball hitting tips and tricksWhile softball may look easy, it is an incredibly hard sport to master. One aspect that many players try to improve is their hitting technique. Below we break down batting into 5 different stages and provide softball hitting tips for each.

Softball Hitting Tips

  1. The Follow Up

A good swing is a full body experience. More than just making contact with the ball, your effectiveness at hitting it where you want it to go depends entirely on the follow up. Your chin should end the swing near your back shoulder, while your hands end the swing at your front shoulder. You will want your weight and your back shoulder, your hip, and your knees to be aligned.

  1. The Contact

Success at hitting all depends on where you make contact with the ball in relation to the rest of your body. You will want your arms, the bat, and the ball to be bent at 90 degrees. You will want your hips to stay close until right before the contact. The weight from your swing should be coming from the inside front foot and leg. Traveling through your body on the swing, it will make contact with ball, sending it a distance equal to how well you can channel the force through you.

  1. The Swing

Every swing should begin with you moving your legs and hips. As the back knees move, the hips will begin to rotate, moving your arms as a result. During your swing, the bat should never fall below your hands. Also, for the sake of hitting the ball dead on, make sure your head and eyes remain still. This will help you target it as it is coming in and better adjust your swing to hit the ball. The front shoulder will follow the ball after it leaves the pitchers hand and all the way to where you make contact.

  1. The Position Of Your Hand

You will want to place your hands relatively close to your body. Typically, this means they will be 3 or 4 inches away from the chest. Your elbows will be down and you should have the bat around your shoulders. For every step of this part of the swing, you will want to keep your grip loose to better adjust to changes made in the ball’s trajectory thanks to the pitcher.

  1. The Grip You Have On The Bat

How are you applying pressure to the bat? If you are apply pressure with your palms, then think again. You will want to apply pressure with your fingers instead. The arms should never be crossed and the bat should be grasped loosely. The longer the bat (and the lower the hands) the greater the power and vise versa.

Consider these softball hitting tips as an introductory guide as you work to improve your technique. Know that more than reading about these techniques, true improvement comes from getting onto the field and practicing again and again. Work this knowledge your muscle memory.

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